Postpartum Support

A Postpartum Support Professional "mother's the mother" and teaches the family how to support themselves and their newborn, just after birth, in a conscious, practical fashion by helping the new parents become familiar with healthy newborn behaviors, sleeping patterns, and breastfeeding habits during a time when both mother and baby are vulnerable and recovering from birth. 

When a new mother is cared for and supported well, the whole family benefits and her baby thrives.

 Support Packages & Rates

Holistic Postpartum Over-Night Care

We tailor our postpartum services to your needs
Options include:
  • Emotional support for both parents, including self-care and postpartum depression, and tips for adjusting to parenthood.

  • Baby Care Support – bathing, diapers, infant massage, feeding, soothing.

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Meal Preparation, grocery shopping or small errands.

  • Light household chores such as dishes and baby laundry

  • Education and resources on infant development

  • Specialty support for women that experienced a cesarean section

  • How to create healthy sleep habits for baby

  • ABOVE ALL, our presence, and support will provide reassurance, confidence & perspective to you as new parents in this precious time.


Please contact us for rates and availability. 



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